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Virtual team energizer

Quotation for
  • SAP ČR, spol. s r.o.
  • 26.08.2020
  • by Azteka s.r.o.

Virtual team energizer objectives

  • Have fun, encourage positive thinking
  • Increase self-motivation
  • Higher resilience, gain perspective in current situation

1: Memory Booster

This workshop will surely switch your brain on! You will experience many interactive games and exercises to find out how your memory works, how memories are created and why we forget things. And here’s a little spoiler: although our brain is an amazing organ, you will see for yourself that it can’t always be trusted…

  • What do we remember and why do we forget?
  • Creating memories. Even the false ones.
  • Exploring the Sensory, Short- and Long-term memory
  • Memory hacks


I mean, anything. Do you remember what huge amount of skills your learned in no time when you were a kid? And can you recall how you learned them? Game, fun, trial and error, fantasy, intuition. This workshop will remind you of these principles. You will see for yourself that you are able to learn anything you wish. Are you ready?

  • The power of stereotypes
  • The brain needs a plan. And cookies!
  • Clear objectives and motivation – getting to “THE WHY”
  • Discovering your preferred learning style

3: Dealing with the unknown

This year is kind of weird. Everything is changing and we can’t hold on to most of our past practices anymore. Still, there are some principles left that we can always rely on. We will walk you through the key tools to overcome these days of uncertainty and to take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Understanding unusual situations and emotional reactions to the unknown
  • 3 most powerful steps to rationalization
  • Explore your triggers
  • Intention and mindset

Price Quotation

Virtual Team Energizer
Up to 200
1 hour + 30 minutes for discussion
14.000 CZK ex. VAT
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virtual team energizer for SAP