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Welcome to the Online Presentations and Trainings workshop!


1 Stage one

In the first stage of the workshop, we will explore the principles of teaching in the online environment. How to attract and retain attention. How to activate and engage the audience. How to maximize learning and make full use of interactive virtual tools.

This stage will take place on Friday 27 November from 8:30 to 12:30 in ZOOM.

We strive to design trainings that are fully tailored to your needs. It will help us a great deal to know how you assess your current skills and your expectations from the training:


Your current ability to attract and retain attention (1=best, 5=worst)
Suitable use of verbal and nonverbal communication tools
Dealing with difficult audiences, handling objections and unexpected situations
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You will receive a link to the virtual room at the latest 24 hours before the start.

2 Stage two

In the second stage, you will have the opportunity to lead a part of your own training module. You will have to answer unexpected questions, manage discussions and deal with difficult audiences. You will then receive detailed feedback on your performance as well as on the training materials. This stage will be held within two weeks after the first workshop.

Online Presentations and Trainings workshop

My name is Václav Strnadel and I'm a soft-skills trainer. Personal development, communication and teamwork have been my area of expertise for more than 20 years.

I am fascinated by communication. How and what do we remember. Why do we forget. How to learn really anything you want. How to choose your words in order to sell your ideas. How to motivate yourself and others. How to unlock the potential of inviduals and whole teams.

I am an advocate of gamification and experiential learning. I know that we learn the fastest through constructive feedback and own experience. I help transfer interaction, emotions and experiences into the online space.