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We will train your team to become champions in cooperation.

Do you know that a well-coordinated team performs much better than a team full of individual stars?

We will teach your team to cooperate.

What will a well-coordinated team bring to you?

AZTEKA Rozvoj klíčových kompetencíOne victory after another

Well-coordinated teams achieve above-standard results. Flawless and timely.

AZTEKA Rozvoj klíčových kompetencíSolution to every hiccup

A demanding project. New management. Failure. How will your team react? We will teach them to manage changes with flying colors.

AZTEKA Rozvoj klíčových kompetencíEmployees stay in the company

A well-coordinated team works without stress and hidden conflicts. Its members always keep pulling on the same end of the rope.

AZTEKA Rozvoj klíčových kompetencíContinuous improvement

Honest feedback works wonders. With us, your team will practice how to communicate openly and inspire each other to move forward.


Five basketball players are training for a match. Each of them individually, watching training videos. What will happen when they meet on the court?

They will fail because they are not coordinated.

Try it differently – hands-on. We will prepare a workshop where everyone will be engaged and practice new skills. And on top of it, they will have great fun.




What skills do we train?


Open communication

Problem solving

Constructive feedback


“Oh gosh, another online training?”

How many times have you heard this one? Well, try it differently. We will prepare a workshop which will involve everyone.

  • Everyone will be engaged
  • Everyone will try out practical activities
  • Everyone will leave with new skills, experience, and good mood

Feedback is part of the game

Do you know what good trainers do after a match? They evaluate and provide feedback.
Thanks to this, their teams get better continuously.

We do it in the same way. We evaluate and debrief each activity. And based on their feedback, we modify follow-up workshops.

We simply train agile.


  • „One of the most valuable trainings was Cable car workshop. It was completely new and showed us what we need to learn. We could see what progress we made throughout the year and it was significant!“
    Jolana Baroušová
    HR business partner
    Dixons Carphone CoE
  • „Azteka has always been extremely popular among RWS Moravia employees with its local or global training deliveries. Employees value Pavla and Vašek’s positive energy, professional approach and innovative ideas.“
    Miroslava Murguová
    Global Head of Talent & Development
    RWS Moravia

“Who is on a team matters less than how the team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions”, Google found out.

Aristotle Project looked into how Google’s best team’s work. It concluded that the most performing teams are those that are well-coordinated and provide psychological safety.

We are advocates of experiential learning. Already for 20 years.

Certified trainers

We train in Czech and English

We create tailored workshops

We aim for results


Atlas Copco
Dixons Carphone

We will teach your team to cooperate

To achieve that, a lecture is not enough. What you need is a playful workshop which will provide everyone with practical skills.

We train agile. After every workshop, we together evaluate how the team improved and what else needs to be practiced.

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