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Václav Strnadel

„You should teach English and work with people,“ a friend of mine from Texas told me when I was 17. Little did he realize how this has shaped my professional path ever since. I gathered all my courage and started teaching – at high school, university and especially in companies. The feeling that you can share knowledge and skills and watch people grow is difficult to describe. Later I got an offer to become a personal development trainer. This made me realize that when you face the career you dreamed of, you just know it.

Timeline Václav Strnadel

About mission

Every workshop is different, no matter the name may be similar. We meet people from different areas of business, with various education, experience and motivation. Some call us “lecturers”. I perceive us more as guides who outline possibilities, inspire and share. The amazing thing is this goes both ways. We love to be inspired by the experience and stories of those we accompany during our workshops.

About motivation

If you do what really fulfills you, external motivation becomes obsolete. And if I ever needed a push, I would recall the words I so often hear after workshops: “Yes, now it’s clear. I know what to do… and I know how I will do it!”

About decisions

I did business in the area of services and international trade. I was facing a decision whether to continue to develop a company with promising profits at the cost of remaining in a business sphere I was not related to. I took a step towards great uncertainty and followed what I really love. I have never regretted this decision.

About Azteka

Azteka means to me the materialization of freedom and commitment. It means freedom to do things based on your will and responsibility, freedom to cooperate with clients we want to cooperate with. Freedom to invest our energy into projects that make sense to us.

I feel commitment especially towards our clients. They entrust us with the most valuable assets they have – their employees and managers, their time and money.

Václav Strnadel