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Pavla Líčeníková

My career as a trainer started when I was 23. As a fresh graduate without pedagogical education, yet with a necessary dose of cheekiness, I was standing in front of a class full of sixteen-year-old students.

It was my first real job and from the very beginning I knew that this is my world. After two amazing semesters I decided to get into the business sphere to gain practical skills in the area of communication, leadership and people development. I am certain that managerial experience and thorough knowledge of the business environment was essential if I wanted to succeed as a trainer.

I believe that education is one of the most important investments.

About Azteka

Discovering the true potential of each one of us means for me a similar adventure as exploring unknown lands. When we manage to find and then develop our real talent, it brings us enormous joy. I believe that education is one of the most important investments.

About motivation

The way we think, the way we learn. Each person is unique. What brings us all together is the fact we love to do things that make sense. Add a certain amount of creativity and playfulness and we do not anyone to encourage us. We are simply enjoying that.

About cooperation

From my experience I know how crucial it is to have the right intention. To say what I really want. And then go for it. This is also true for cooperation with our clients. If we agree on mutual objectives, then everything is more straightforward and meaningful.

About success

I was lucky to work for managers who had given me a huge space for my own self-realization. Enabling others to grow and be better than yourself, this requires a truly strong personality. This was of the main reason to take this road. The road of inspiration, development and realization of true potential.

Pavla Líčeníková